Books By Women, “Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life

Houston Chronicle, “Not quite straight: My life, my love

Houston Chronicle, “The Supreme Court, the law, and my same-sex marriage

Tikkun Magazine, “Praying With The Other” weaving together the immigrant and Jewish experience.

Moment Magazine, “Is Religion Good for Women? A Symposium.”

EquallyWed, “The Unveiling of a Lesbian in Love.”

Dame Magazine,  “I Was An Invisible Woman.”  Reposted to Hairpin, WIP, and as a Salon Magazine Sunday feature. ReTweeted by Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker.

Lilith Magazine, “Fabulous Hair!” and “One Woman’s Resumé.” Recipient Samuel Rockower Award in Jewish Journalism.


Haaretz: “‘Off the Path’ Memoirs of ex-Hasidic Jews Shine Light on Faigy Mayer’s World

Outsmart: “Author Leah Lax: A Jewish Lesbian ‘Uncovered’ “Beyond Belief Interviews Leah Lax.” “THE CHASSIDIC WRITER: A Lesbian Mother of Seven.”

Excerpts from Uncovered:

Intellectual Refuge, “Deep Dark Blue.”

Survivor’s Review, “Hassidic Love Story.”

Lilith Magazine,  “With This Wedding, I Leave Myself Behind.”

Fiction:, “Munya’s Story.”


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  • book, “The Mikvah Project,” 2000—a collection of quotes coupled with faceless portraits of woman confiding their experiences with the Jewish ritual bath. Photography by Janice Rubin

I use interviews and glean candid, wry, moving, startling, revealing comments that capture the character. I excerpt and build with these comments, often pairing them with photography, into the final product.Projects that are based on this interview technique:

2013: “Houston In Concert Against Hate”

“Houston In Concert Against Hate”, a staged production I designed and wrote for the Houston Symphony honoring Houston heroes in civil rights and featuring Hollywood actress Audre Woodard and rapper Bun B. The 3000-seat sold-out show in Jones Hall was produced by the Anti-Defamation League.


The show included photography by Talya Arbisser.