Leah Lax was raised in a Jewish family in Dallas, Texas, close to a generation of immigrants, so that, growing up, she learned both to crochet and ride a horse. Then she joined the hasidim and spent thirty years among them attempting to reclaim the roots her family had left behind. Now on the other side of all that and grateful for second chances, she has published award-winning fiction, nonfiction and prose poetry.

More About Leah

Uncovered is a memoir about my thirty years among the hasidim. I was a naïve girl drawn into this group of evangelical Hassidic Jews with their promises of structure, safety, and love. The story begins at my wedding—an arranged marriage. Throughout, glimpses of the world out there, cello music, and sexual longing wind through the narrative like echoes of a forgotten life.” Learn More

In Uncovered, Leah Lax tells a personal story that millions of women can recognize. All over the world are women whose bodies are covered, not by their own decision, but by one of the many patriarchal religions that by definition rule their wombs. Leah Lax lived that life, yet has the spirit, courage and honesty to tell her story. It’s been said that, if one woman told the truth, the world would split open. If others follow her, it just might.
Gloria Steinem